Our Services

Below is an overview of our approach and tiered pricing arrangement.  We offer three different service packages that can flex to meet your needs.  After reviewing the following packages, give us a call so we can discuss which one will best fit your hiring needs.  


Our consultative approach is designed to ensure that the hiring process does not get in the way of finding the very best candidate for the job.  In order to do this, we conduct a thorough needs analysis with the hiring manager and HR at the beginning stages of the search so that we can apply the appropriate filters while we screen candidates.  This includes gaining an intimate understanding of the company culture and structure, position requirements, management style, and strategic goals.  Combined with our industry expertise, this results in presenting a small number (usually 3-5) of highly qualified candidates.  At this point, the hiring manager commences dialogue to discover which candidate is the best fit.  


Priority search provides a dedicated exclusive recruitment effort, which results in the timely fulfillment of our client’s critical needs.  Over 75% of our business is engaged search.  It is a mutually beneficial, shared risk arrangement whereby our client demonstrates the priority they place on the search by paying an upfront retainer, and in return, PharmaJobs mirrors that priority and acknowledges it by guaranteeing the delivery of qualified candidates.  The retainer isn’t a predetermined amount but set based on the urgency put forth by our clients.  When utilizing our priority engaged executive search process, success in filling the positions exceeds 90%.  


These are the same parameters as a straight contingency search, except our client makes a commitment in writing to a pre-determined period of exclusivity on the search.  Depending on the position, this could be as low as two weeks to as high as six weeks.  This limits the risk we have in investing our time, and demonstrates confidence on the client side in our ability to deliver quality candidates.  


Contingency search may be used for ongoing openings, which are not urgent in nature.  Many clients select this option when a critical need does not exist, but utilization for a particular profile is constant.  We match the very best talent in our network for these positions and providing our clients with professional representation in the marketplace.